Crisis Management

Firstline provides services that safeguard trust and ensure damage control in case of crisis such as accidents, legal and ethical issues, dawn raids, plant closures, product recalls, environmental incidents etc.

Firstline holds many years’ experience with crisis communication from Danish as well as international assignments. We assist our clients in getting an overview and establishing fast decision making so that all relevant stakeholders can be reached quickly with confidence building communications. A crisis always affects the trustworthiness of the client; we help to minimize damage and reposition the brand.

For Firstline, crisis communication is not only a question about how to act on the day of extremity. Effective crisis management is very much also about realistic preparations.

Therefore our services include

  • Crisis Simulation
  • Crisis Management and Crisis Communications, including staffing of clients’ communications and response teams and on-going media coverage
  • Media and message training
  • Development of communications kits to media and other relevant stakeholders
  • Post crisis analysis and recommendations

Firstline’s crisis team is available 24/7. Please call our crisis helpline: + 45 60 23 59 70.