Corporate Communications

It may take years to build a convincing brand – and then it can be blown to bits in a few hours. A stained or demolished brand may result in poor business outcomes – especially, if the company or organization has feeble relations to its primary stakeholders.

In Firstline, we help our clients to prepare in due time. We assist in identifying and shaping a convincing, consistent, and authentic story, and in building fertile relations to essential stakeholders. We help clients to coin the essence of their business strategies so they become energetic, memorable and motivating internally as well as externally – we shape their corporate communications – and we support our clients in carrying it through.

Core elements are

  • Analysis of values, strategies, and reputation
  • Branding of business strategies
  • Development of storyline, key messages, role, and style
  • Relationship building
  • Development and branding of platforms and events
  • Top management profiling
  • Naming processes
  • Media relations, press releases